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First of all, I would like to pay homage to James Brown, godfather of the Soul Music and to the Sex Machine, with its " I feel good " . His cry doesn ’t stop ringing in my spirit and helps me liberate myself, " Make Funky " so much imitated but never equaled.

In the class of geniuses, there are : Prince, " Kiss " , " Purple Rain " , Marvin Gaye and his “Sexual Healing”, the Rastafarian philosopher Bob Marley with “No Woman No Cry”, John Lennon and his “Imagine”.

If Elvis is the King of the rock music, BB King is the Rhythm and Blues ’s mentor.

Jazz is a great musical school. Many thanks to Michel Valera, headmaster of the CIM, who made me discover Jazz harmony.

Rocked by Bantu music of the capital, CE.PA.COS trio, Rumba, and traditional music of Congo Brazza, I share with you this culture combination which makes the wealth and the beauty of Paris.

Let me introduce my CD " SEUL " : Pop rock and Afro-Jazz.

And now the great Gilbert BECAUD presents BENABARD et son butterfly effect

But before, he says what we already know :

What destroys the world, is indifference.

« A man falls, dies in the street and nobody sees him : Indifférence »

At a time when banks lost billions, the crisis increases, unemployment also.

Give a little time for the poor, the homeless, child soldiers and all those dying of hunger in the world.

I welcome you on my website, and thank you for your visit.

Yours truly, Congolese Monk " Moussongo " .

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